• 3 Benefits of Smart home for a healthy lifestyle

3 Benefits of Smart home for a healthy lifestyle

1. Relaxing under ambient lights

Colour changeable smart lights are an inexpensive way to transform your home. Every hue in the colour spectrum affects your mood and gives you a certain state of mind; to heal the body and mind. Blue is a calming and peaceful colour to manage stress and heart rate. Red increases energy levels and releases adrenaline. Green is a pleasing shade that helps you unwind because it signifies nature, and is one of the most comforting colours in the spectrum. The Smart Wifi bulb from OZAAS is packed with 16 million colors which you can adjust with your smartphone. Choose the right color to set the perfect ambiance in any room. Use the preset scenes - sunrise, sunset, reading, party, or create customized scenes with your favourite color configurations. You can schedule your lights, set smart timers and much more

2. Creating a relaxed atmosphere with shades of white

Some parts of your home have less natural light, so using a warm light can balance out the brightness in the room. For a soothing ambiance, go for a blue or violet undertone. White symbolizes clarity and freshness. A good color in times of stress to give you the much-needed clarity of thought. 

3. Perfect room temperature for a healthy body and mind

Keeping the right room temperature is important for your well-being. With OZAAS Smart Switch, you won’t need to plod around the house to control the temperature in every single room. It puts the control in your hands. Set schedules and pre-set the temperature for specific hours of the day. And save energy while staying healthy. It’s a win-win!