• Set Up Your Very Own “Smart” Christmas Tree with OZAAS

Set Up Your Very Own “Smart” Christmas Tree with OZAAS

Are you about to unveil your Christmas tree to your family and friends? Well, before you do that, why not make the most of the best of our smart home technology to make your holiday decorations more interactive than you can ever imagine. It’s time to give up the regular old lighting that you used to drape around the tree.

The emergence of smart appliances and home automation has made it possible to create your very own “smart” Christmas tree that is not only vibrant and colorful but interactive as well. But how? Well, you can always utilize OZAAS’ wide array of smart lights, smart plugs, and smart switches through automation and remote control. Use your creativity and imagination to make sure that these devices function at a certain time or situation through voice control, smart timer, and scheduling. Here are our friendly and easy-to-follow tips on how you can set up your smart Christmas tree to wow everyone this holiday season.


Let There Be Light

We all know that family and friends gather around the Christmas tree so everyone can share stories and give gifts. No matter how much beautiful ornaments, garlands, tinsels, shiny bells and wonderful stars you put into it, it is the colorful lights that will make it truly magical.


Static lights don’t cut it anymore so why not make it more interesting by letting the Christmas tree lights turn on customize scenes on specific triggers. With your OZAAS smart WiFi switches that are connected to the home network, you can turn on or off any devices using the OZAAS smart app. Connect your Christmas lights and LED light bulbs and now you have your very own remote-controlled, automated lighting system on your tree!


If you have the IFTTT or iOS Shortcuts app, you can set up triggers that change the lights at your preset color when you received an email from Amazon, eBay and other online stores that your package is being delivered to your home. Another fun way to play with your smart lights is to trigger a specific light effect on your Christmas tree and let Amazon play a classic Christmas song “Let it Snow” when the weather says it’s snowing outside.


Let Your Voice Be Heard

You may have set up a spectacular light show on your Christmas tree but you can amaze your guests by controlling it with your voice. Yes, your actual voice.


Hands-free control is made possible by voice assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home so you can preset the voice trigger with a specific voice command of your choice. All you need to do is walk into the living room and say “Alexa, turn on Christmas tree lights” and your Christmas tree will sparkle into life.


Safety First

It pays to be safe as there is always a limit to how much electronic devices and lights you can add to your Christmas tree in order to avoid overloaded plugs. It is the time of the year where electrical fires usually happen as unattended appliances overheat and substandard electrical wirings short circuit. Always check your power consumption and schedule some of your devices to automatically turn off when you’re not in the house. Why not install our 4MP Fisheye Camera so you can remotely monitor your home in real time?


The sights and sounds of Christmas won’t be complete without OZAAS’ amazing array of smart lighting and automation solutions. Know more about our products on our website and online stores at Lazada, Horme Hardware, and Qoo10.