OZAAS Security solutions ( CAMERA ) FAQs

  • How do I set time on Ozaas CCTV Camera ?

    1. Manual modification
    2. Synchronize with the local computer time
    3. Network Time Protocol (NTP) network time
    4. Synchronize with the NVR/XVR time

    If none of the above suggestions resolves your issue, please send us an e-mail at support@ozaas.com

  • What languages can my Ozaas network CCTV camera support?

    Primarily English. Get in touch with us for support on other languages

  • Why is my Ozaas CCTV camera recording delayed or blurred?

    • It may be caused by:
      • Poor quality of switch or hub
      • Too many switches or hubs connected between the monitor and the IP camera

    If none of the above suggestions resolves your issue, please send us an e-mail at support@ozaas.com

  • Why is my Ozaas network CCTV camera not connecting with the Cloud Server?

    • It may be caused by:
      • Network congestion or too much traffic on the network
      • Error in device serial number, username or password
      • Device offline (please check if the device is connected to the public network in P2P conig)
      • Incorrect network setting, especially the DNS setting (Recommended DNS setting is

    If none of the above suggestions resolves your issue, please send us an e-mail at support@ozaas.com

  • Why is my Ozaas CCTV camera not connecting to Internet Explorer ?

    • It may be caused by:
      • Wrong IP address
      • ActiveX control not installed
      • The IE security settings do not open and allow ActiveX controls to run
      • The firewall installed on PC blocks is blocking ActiveX control
      • Wrong user name and password was used to login

    If none of the above suggestions resolves your issue, please send us an e-mail at support@ozaas.com

  • What are the advantages of a network surveillance system?

    1. High definition: Several times or even dozens of times clearer than the traditional analog monitoring system
    2. Integrability: Can integrate various kinds of functions in the system easily, such as audio, alarm, remote control, intelligent analysis and other technologies
    3. Save cost and labor : Power transmitted through the network, can reduce the cost of wiring and save manpower
    4. Easy installation and use
    5. Easy to maintain
    6. Extendibility
    7. Centralized management
  • Why is my Ozaas recoder not recording videos?

    1. Check the hard drive
      • Step 1. Please check if the hard drive can be detected and its status is regular.
      • Step 2. If Step 1 is OK, please format the hard drive and check if the equipment is working.
      • Step 3. If Step 2 is not working, please replace the hard drive and repeat Steps 1&2.
    2. Check the configuration for any mistakes
    3. Please check if the recording planning is set correctly for every channel.

    If none of the above suggestions resolves your issue, please send us an e-mail at support@ozaas.com

  • Why is my Ozaas recorder not starting or keeps rebooting ?

    1. Power shortage : Change to a higher input power supply (e.g. change 2A to 3A)
    2. HDD not compatible: Uninstall the HDD to check if the recorder can start or stop rebooting
    3. The firmware bug: Use automatic upgrade program or contact Ozaas via support@Ozaas.com
  • Why is my Ozaas recorder video not visible after connecting with the camera and the recorder?

    1. Check the power input : Ensure enough power input is provided
    2. Check BNC cable between camera and recorder: Tight connection and good quality cables/connectors are required
    3. Check the TV system (e.g. Select PAL system for camera and recorder both)
    4. Check if the camera is high definition (e.g. AHD) but the recorder is normal analog (e.g. 960H DVR)
    5. Check if the recorder is high definition (e.g. XVR) but the camera is normal analog (e.g. 720TVL)

    If none of the above suggestions resolves your issue, please send us an e-mail at support@ozaas.com

  • What should I do if I forget the network IP camera password?

    1. Reset the password by using the security questions
    2. Reset by sending the password verification mail to the security authentication mailbox
    3. Hard reset to default by pressing the hard reset button in the camera cable or on camera main board

    If none of the above suggestions resolves your issue, please send us an e-mail at support@ozaas.com

  • How do I choose lens for different environments?

    Focus 3.6mm 4mm 6mm 8mm 12mm 16mm
    Viewing Range 5m 5m indoor, 10m outdoor 15m outdoor 20m~30m 35m~40m ≦50m
    Viewing Angle(With 1/3" sensor) 85º 80º 68º 45º 35º 30º
    Viewing Angle(With 1/4" sensor) 73º 67º 56º 35º 25º 20º
    Difference 12º 13º 12º 10º 10º 10º
  • How do I calculate the storage space required for recording?

    Hard Disk Capability= (Bit Stream/8*Time)
    Format Video flow One Day One Week One Month
    1080P 1-8M/s 10.5G-84.4G 73.5G-590.8G 315G-2.5T
    720P 1-4M/s 10.5G-42.2G 73.5G-295.4G 315G-1.24T
    D1 0.5-2.5M/s 5.3G-36.4G 37.1G-254.8G 159G-1092G
    CIF 0.18-1M/s 540M-10.5G 3.7G-73.5G 111G-315G

    • CIF 64kbps-1024kbps
    • D1 512kbps-2560kbps
    • 720P 1024kbps-4096kbps
    • 1080P 1024kbps-8192kbps
    • The maximum capability of one set PC storage server:12*1.5TB=18TB
    • SATAII R&W speed: 40MB~60MB
    • If do not consider the hard disk capacity, the server can hold up (40*8/2)=160CH 2Mb/s IP cameras to read and write simultaneously.
  • What should I know before connecting Ozaas IP camera with Ozaas NVR?

    • When connecting Ozaas IP camera to the NVR, please check the ONVIF port (Default 8999) and the user name & password.
  • Why is my Ozaas network IP camera compatible with any general switch?

    • Yes. IP camera transmission media is the network. As long as the bandwidth of the switch meets the requirement of transmission, all brands of switches are compatible with Ozaas IP cameras
  • What is the transmission distance of Ozaas network IP Camera?

    • The recommended transmission distance is 100 meters if directly connected through network cable.
    • If longer distance is required, you can use switch for extension.
    • One switch can extend upto 100 meters, with a maximum limit of 3 switches.
    • If the coverage required is longer than 300 meters, then use network extender or fiber cable for transmission.
  • How much space do Ozaas network IP camera video files occupy?

    • The the bit rate of network IP camera can be adjusted. It means the video file for recording also can be adjusted.
    • Take the CIF video compressed by MPEG4 format for example. Its biggest bit rate is 400Kbps (“b " is bit here).
    • One second it needs: 400/8=50KBps (“B " is byte here. Hard disk storage is calculated by Byte)
    • One minute it needs: 50KBpsx60s=3000KByte=3MByte
    • One hour it needs: 3MBytex60m=180MByte
    • One day it needs: 180MBytex24h=4320MByte=4.22GByte (1G=1024MB)
  • Can I view my Ozaas camera recordings on my smart phone?

    • Yes. Ozaas network IP cameras support mobile phone with iOS or Android operating system, but they do not support Windows and Blackberry operating system.
  • How do I use RTSP stream to view Ozaas network IP camera?

    • If the network IP camera support RTSP stream, its address is written as below:
      rtsp://user name:password@ip address:rtsp prot/0 main stream
      rtsp://user name:password@ip address:rtsp prot/1 sub stream
      rtsp://user name:password@ip address:rtsp prot/2 third stream
    • For example:
      From the above address you can get,
      The username for login is admin
      The password for login is admin
      The RTSP port default setting is 554
  • Why do I see a black screen while using my browser to view the network IP camera?

    • This phenomenon may be caused by:
      1. Too many visitors accessing resulting in network congestion
      2. The IP address has been amended remotely
      3. The camera power is off or the network link has outage
      4. The computer firewall is blocking or video card is defective
  • What is the network camera Video Management System on Ozaas?

    • Ozaas has released the network camera Video Management System software VMS (professional version) to satisfy the different demands for our worldwide clients.
  • Does Ozaas network IP camera support extended functions like WiFi and SD card?

    • Ozaas offers a range of IP cameras which includes basic version and professional version. Ozaas IP cameras support extended functions such as POE, WiFi, WDR, alarm I/O, two-way audio, TF/SD card recording, manual zoom autofocus or other functions.
    • If you need recommendations for any kind of product, please check our detailed specifications sheet for additional features
  • What is the basic hardware and software configuration required for Ozaas VMS installation?

    1. Hardware configuration:
      • CPU: Intel Pentium dual core 2.0G or above
      • Main memory: DDRⅢ 2G or above
      • Network card :100/1000M Adaptive
      • Hard disk: 250GB or above
      • Video card: GeForce4 256MB or above
      • Monitor: 17 " Color LCD or CRT monitor with resolution 1024×768 or above
      • Note : Subject to number of video recordings and playback channels. If you need our suggestions, please reach out to us with your requirements
      • The hardware configuration should be improved accordingly.
    2. Software
      • Windows 7/8/10 operating system available. Windows 98 or below is not supported.
      • Internet Explorer 8.0~11.0 supported
  • Does Ozaas VMS support other brand IP Cameras?

    • Ozaas VMS Video management system supports ONVIF protocol, so it can be compatible with all the ONVIF IP Cameras launched by any brand.
  • How many Ozaas IP cameras can I connect to the VMS?

    • Theoretically, the newly released Ozaas IP Camera VMS can support 255 units of IP cameras.
    • As Ozaas VMS has just 100 split screens, it needs the optional round patrol function if you want to view more than 100 units of IP cameras.
  • Do Ozaas IP camera support remote monitoring?

    • Yes! Generally through DDNS and port mapping, Ozaas IP cameras can manage remote monitoring. The operating procedure is similar to the CCTV monitoring system.
  • What resolutions are available in Ozaas IP cameras?

    • 1Megapixels 16:9 (1280 x 720)
    • 3Megapixels 4:3 (1280 x 960)
    • 2Megapixels 4:3 (1600 x 1200)
    • 2Megapixels 16:9 (1920 x 1080)
    • 3Megapixels 4:3 (2048 x 1536)
    • 5Megapixels 4:3 (2592 x 1920)
    • 8Megapixels (3840 x 2160)
    • 10Megapixels (3648 x 2752)

    We are constantly adding fantastic new products to our range on our website, so keep coming back for our new products!