OZAAS Warranty Policy

Thank you for purchasing Ozaas Products. In the event that your product requires after-sales service, please contact us at support@ozaas.com. We strongly advise you to read the instruction manual carefully or visit our FAQ section on www.ozaas.com, as the solution for your problem might be listed there.

Ozaas warrantees all its products to be free from manufacturing & workmanship defects. All Ozaas products (Accessories and tools not included) carry a one-year warrantyfrom the date of purchase governed by terms & conditions mentioned below.

  1. Customer has to produce original & valid invoice when claiming warranty or service.
  2. Warranty shall not cover any damages resulting from un-authorised tampering, adaptations or adjustments to the product.
  3. Warranty will be void if the serial no. or markings, on or inside the product has been modified, tampered, removed or defaced.
  4. Warranty does not cover damages (if any), caused to the product due to improper installation by customer and/or connection of the product to equipment not approved by Ozaas and/or any deficiency or poor performance of the product due to integration with third party equipment or the use of third party software.
  5. This warranty shall not apply to damages caused to the product by power fluctuations, accidents, abuse, misuse, neglect, lightening, water or moisture exposure, fire or other acts of God, improper ventilation, dropping or excessive shock and/or any damage caused due to tampering of the product by an unauthorised personnel or companies.
  6. This warranty does not cover liability for loss of data, recorded image/s and/or business opportunity loss for products needing service/repair. If during the repair, the content of the hard drive/ memory is altered, deleted, or in any way modified, Ozaas shall not be responsible for the same.
  7. Ozaas will reserve the right to offer or decline warranty service based on its judgement.
  8. Ozaas reserves the right to replace the defective part with an equivalent and/or reconditioned part.
  9. This warranty shall not affect consumer's statutory rights under applicable laws, nor the consumer's rights arising from their sales/purchase of the product.
  10. In case of refunds, charges such as delivery, duties, taxes and other additional components, will not be included in there fund amount.