• Tips for Choosing the Right Surveillance Solution

Tips for Choosing the Right Surveillance Solution

It can get a bit overwhelming to choose from a plethora of surveillance systems and decide which one is right for your home or business. Here’s a guide to help you make the decision process easier.

Indoor or outdoor

Although almost all cameras these days are versatile for both indoor and outdoor usage, you need to consider factors such as mounting and housing as well. For instance, in a sub-zero temperature environment, opt for a durable outdoor camera with IP66 certification that has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. However, if it’s an indoor camera being installed in a factory floor, then you need a camera with a robust housing that protects the camera from clouds of dust, fine powder, and particles.

Area Coverage

The area that you need to monitor with a surveillance is one of the most important factors to consider. Installing the right type of cameras can help you keep costs down by installing fewer cameras.

PTZ and Fisheye cameras are ideal to cover large areas due to wide angle field view. With OZAAS IP Fisheye camera, you can get a 360-degree view when the camera is mounted on the ceiling. Installing just one fisheye camera can rid you of the hassle of installing multiple cameras in different corners. Just one camera does the job. It’s great to monitor large open areas such as airports, retail aisles, assembly lines, malls, offices and parking lots.

Image quality

What kind of space do you want to monitor? For instance, parking lots might need a PTZ camera with a decent 4mp resolution to ensure you can zoom in and get a detailed image quality. Smaller areas such as offices can do with a 1mp/2mp resolution indoor camera.

Day & Night

Certain applications such as traffic control or porch cameras need to work in any lighting condition to keep potential intruders away. In this case, a night vision camera with an IR distance of at least 20-30 meter distance is good enough.

During the day, the intense sunlight might give a glare which might the images look dark. A camera with a wide dynamic range (WDR) and IR filters can create a perfectly balanced overall image by either amplifying or reducing the amount of light hitting the sensor.

See, speak and listen

Ozaas fisheye camera has a built-in microphone which is what makes it our perfect camera for monitoring any space or any floor area size to the T.

Flexibility to grow

Flexibility to grow your camera network is imperative. An IP camera can help you easily grow over a wireless network. Start your network with a reliable brand to avoid your project is flawed from the outset.

Video Analytics

There are certain features in a good surveillance system that has umpteen benefits for businesses. Retail stores require customer insights such as customer footfall, unique visitors, customer demographics to help them continuously make improvements. Surveillance systems equipped with facial recognition are not only great for security but also for capturing customer profiles and behaviors in various scenarios.  This information can be gold for marketers and businesses.

A good video management software

You need to have a good VMS system that lets you schedule recordings, playback in real-time and give you alerts and notification in case of any intrusions.