• Kevin’s grocery store goes 360

Kevin’s grocery store goes 360

"My wife and I opened our grocery store in 2015 and installed over 20 cameras across the floor – cashier, aisles, stock room and parking lot. We were considering upgrading to a more robust camera system with more updated features. If there’s one thing that our experience in the retail industry has taught us, it’s that a good surveillance system is imperative to avoid theft and damage to property."

"Remote viewing was a crucial factor in our purchase decision. The peace of mind you get from knowing you can easily monitor your home or business from anywhere with your smartphone was essential. And so, we upgraded to OZAAS 4MP Fish Eye camera." 

"It’s a stunning high definition camera with panoramic 360° views and no blind spots. And we love the free OZAAS Eye App. Keeps us connected all the time. I love how we receive instant email alerts when motion is detected on any of the cameras”. It’s a great security feature that we can turn off if we don’t want motion detection alerts."

"It offers different viewing modes as well, with a PTZ function where you can slide across the screen to focus on a specific spot. A big plus is being able to get rid of multiple cameras and have one camera installed on the ceiling, monitoring the entire room. With the 360° panoramic view it delivers, you get to see the entire room on your app, in a single frame. The high definition lens ensures I get a clear view of any corner of the store when I zoom in."

"The night vision IR lens lets us view images or videos even in the dark. In addition to all these great features, OZAAS Fish Eye camera has a microphone and a speaker built-in that supports two-way audio communication."

"OZAAS cameras are packed with the latest surveillance features, which is why it offers the most bang for your buck."

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