• The time to get SMART is now

The time to get SMART is now

Take a minute to savor life's simple pleasures. What are yours? Having perfectly toasted bread in the morning? Having your home perfectly cooled or perfectly lit when you get home after a long day at work? You can have all of this and more. And they don't have to break the bank. What used to be a futuristic dream could be your reality with these Smart IoT devices.

These Smart devices may solve challenges you never knew you had and give you convenience and peace of mind. To some, these devices may seem unnecessary, but they’re built to solve very real problems. Let me usher you through some of the wonderful features of the Ozaas Smart devices – OZAAS Smart Wi-Fi Plugs, Smart LED Wi-Fi Bulbs, Smart Wi-Fi Switch

Automate your appliances and control them remotely with your smartphone

What if you could take home automation a notch higher? Say, remotely control them with your smartphoneOzaas Smart Plugs are devices that help you control your plugged-in appliances from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. What’s more? All Ozaas Smart devices work seamlessly with Amazon Alexa. So, you can control your appliances with your voice. Neat right?

Smart Devices make you wise with your power use

When you start embracing home automation and using cool features such as SMART Timer, automatic Scheduling, device sharing, you end up avoiding all those extra hours of appliances being used in vain. You may not realize it until your next energy bill, but you’ve saved yourself time, money and energy!

Simulate your presence and trick your neighbors or intruders

Do you travel often but always worry about things back at home? Well then, smart devices are for you! I love this application of smart devices. You can set the smart timer and schedule your devices to turn on/off randomly or at your set time. Or connect your lamps to the Ozaas Smart Plug and set schedules or set timers on your Ozaas bulbs or your Ozaas switches that control the bulbs.

Ozaas LED Smart Bulbs have 16 million colors in 1 bulb!  

This doesn’t solve a problem as much as it brings pure joy to our lives. It’s almost therapeutic, so to speak. Who wouldn’t want to control a color pallet of light shades with the tip of their finger? Think pink sunset lights, cool blue pool lights, surprise party lights, warm cozy reading lights. The possibilities are endless.  

Create customized modes or scenes

This feature is brilliant. When you buy Ozaas Smart bulb, you’ll get a bunch of pre-set scenes which you’ll love. But besides that, you can create your own scenes. You can group bulbs and make them function together or you can choose specific colors for specific moods. You can group all your lights and smart appliances and create ‘Away mode’ or ‘vacation mode’ to make sure everything is turned off when you’re away.  

But this one takes the cake! Control everything with your voice

Remember how cool the star trek crew seemed giving voice commands to the space ship’s computer? That could be something you did every day. Ozaas Smart devices work seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, Echo dot which lets you control your plugged-in appliances and lights with your voice.  

Live smarter with Ozaas Smart devices and give yourself more time to do things you love. Learn more here www.ozaas.com

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