Order FAQs

  • Why have my item(s) disappeared from My Cart?

    To make sure all your items are saved in your cart, please check that cookies are enabled on your browser. A cookie is a bit of data sent to your browser from a website and stored on your computer. Sometimes your browser is set to reject cookies, in which case your items will not be saved in the cart. Enable cookies and avoid deleting cookies while still shopping with us.

  • Where is my order confirmation?

    Your order confirmation will be sent to the email you provided after the payment has been made.

  • Does order processed mean order shipped out?

    An order confirmation means we have received your order and are arranging for it to be shipped to your address. Watch out for our email that notifies you when your product has been shipped.

  • Why was my order cancelled by Ozaas?

    In the unlikely event that something you ordered sold out or became unavailable, we will contact you within 48 – 72 hours to explain the situation.
  • How are returns processed?

    Please see our General Return Policy to return an item.

  • Is it safe to give you my credit card information?

    Yes, we make it a priority to ensure that your information is completely secure with us. Our payment gateway has been secured by Paypal
  • How can I contact Ozaas?

    We're always happy to hear from you. Should you have any queries, please write to us at support@ozaas.com